It causes problems in breathing comfortably in anatomical and traumatic structural disorders. In such cases, surgical solutions are the most effective method. A rhinoplasty also affects the psychological state of the person very closely. Nose aesthetics – Rhinoplasty surgery is an effective option in these cases.

Narrowing of the airways and proper breathing problems in anatomical structural disorders trigger different ailments. For this reason, people who have reached a certain age should have aesthetic interventions to breathe more easily.

Nose Aestetics - Rhinoplasty
Nose Aestetics – Rhinoplasty

Breathing problems that may occur in the future with development may also be due to the disorder of the nasal structure. In addition to these, visual and breathing problems are observed along with the developmental disorder due to the deterioration of the bone structure due to trauma. Aesthetic interventions must be supported by breathing rehabilitation exercise programs.

At the beginning of the most basic purposes of rhinoplasty applications, it is aimed to correct the nose shape in the most appropriate way according to the facial shape compatibility of the people and the characteristics of the bone structure of the face. Nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) applications should not make the person look for their old nose and should make the person happy psychologically. Negative changes in facial expression, reductions and changes made in a way that makes breathing difficult cause problems both in terms of health and psychology in the future. A well-done planning should not go too far from naturalness in terms of appearance and function.

Other Nose aesthetics-Rhinoplasty Apps

One of the parts that most affect the appearance of the nose is the structure of the tip of the nose. Common deformities at the tip of the nose can be listed as follows:

  • Wide nose tip
  • Sagging and elongation at the tip of the nose
  • Compressed nose tip
  • Upturned nose tip
  • The tip of the nose has a pointed structure
  • Asymmetry of the nostrils

Nasal tip aesthetic procedures are applied to people with these problems. In this type of applications, the bone structure in the nose is not touched, the soft tissue and cartilage at the tip of the nose are treated. Therefore, they are easier interventions than rhinoplasty. The applications performed before and after the intervention are almost the same as other aesthetic applications. Transactions can be completed in a period of 30-60 minutes. After the application, people are usually sent to rest at home on the same day. Recovery time is also shorter than rhinoplasty applications.

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