Mouth and dental health problems also affect the general health of people. Oral and dental health are structures that should be given great importance at every stage of our lives. People who have a healthy mouth and teeth also have healthy relationships in the external environment. Those with unhealthy mouths and teeth are at higher risk of heart attack and meningitis. Mouth and teeth also play an active role in many health parameters.

In addition to oral and dental health, aesthetic problems caused by jaw structure disorders seriously affect people’s lives. People with impaired oral structure should trust dentists who specialize in dental treatments. Headaches, sleep disorders, high stress factors, poor quality of life, and a number of psychological disorders occur in people with poor dental health.

Mouth and Dental Health
Mouth and Dental Health

Jaw joint disorders

There are different treatment methods for jaw joint disorders. The most important part of such cases is that the patients are informed adequately and accurately by the Maxillofacial Surgery. Knowing how to use the jaw joint correctly prevents or facilitates the treatment of most diseases. For this reason, in these diseases, the correct application of the physician and the patients contributes to a great deal of success in the treatment. In addition to training, it is also supported by auxiliary methods.

Orthodontic applications for Oral and Dental Health


Orthodontics; It is the name of the general interventions applied to bring the aesthetic and function of the tooth alignment and jaw structure to the ideal level. It contributes to the improvement of the individual’s quality of life. Although orthodontic treatments have long-term treatment protocols, as a result of the treatment, people’s self-confidence increases to the maximum, their social life improves, and they dominate a more comfortable smile in the society. In the treatment protocols applied, it consists of a period of periodically ensuring the width of the palate, repositioning the teeth with the necessary apparatus and fixing wires.

Orthodontic Treatments
Orthodontic Treatments

Regardless of the age level of the people, untreated jaws and teeth become difficult in appearance and use. Over time, due to crowding and appearance, some teeth appear short and some appear long, causing rapid tooth decay and gum disease and tooth loss as a result of not keeping the teeth clean enough. This situation puts people in serious psychological and health problems.

In addition, bad bites can cause abnormal wear of the tooth surfaces, difficulties in chewing and speaking, and damage to the supporting bone and gingival tissues.

In orthodontic treatments, it is the branch that improves your smile and improves your psychology, along with the health of your teeth with tooth and jaw structure correction procedures.

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