Aesthetic surgeries is the removal of anatomical disorders caused by congenital and traumatic causes by surgical intervention. These problems can be eliminated with aesthetic surgical interventions. In addition, it may develop due to some accident or surgical errors. Many problems are solved in aesthetic surgeries. Performing the applications in accordance with the anatomy ensures the formation of self-confidence in people.

Aesthetic surgery can be performed in many areas. When it is necessary to change the appearance with reinforcing properties, there are effective support applications such as botox, silicone and regional oil applications.

Aesthetic practices based on beautification should be considered as elements that guide life by being evaluated as a whole together with personal psychology and environmental factors.

Aesthetic Surgeries
Aesthetic Surgeries

Aesthetic applied areas

facial aesthetics

It is the process of correcting or re-doing the areas on our face that you sometimes do not like and sometimes cause discomfort and pain with surgical interventions.

The leading applications are;

  • Nose aesthetics
  • Nose belt applications
  • Prominent Ear aesthetics
  • Eyelid and eye area aesthetics

fat removal – liposuction

As a result of the weakening of people with obesity problems, there is excessive fat accumulation in some parts of them. Fat removal procedures, which are applied to eliminate this situation, are applied for aesthetic corrections on the abdomen, hips and arms. Liposuction is the most common technique known, especially in abdominal applications.

Liposuction is not applied in postpartum abdominal sagging. It is not correct to apply it for the purpose of cellulite treatment.

Fat Removal - Liposuction
Fat Removal – Liposuction

Since the application may need to be repeated in metabolisms suitable for rapid weight gain, it should be applied in line with diet, sports and health-controlled programs.

After the fat is removed, skin sagging occurs. After the condition of the person is evaluated, sagging skins are also taken with an appropriate program.

Other regional applications for skin sagging;

  • Hip skin sagging
  • Calf skin sagging
  • Arm aesthetics
Skin Sagging
Skin Sagging

breast aesthetics – abdominoplasty 

Breast aesthetics-Abdominoplasty is a technique applied to enlarge small breasts by removing fat from the abdomen by liposuction method. In addition to silicone applications in small breast operations, it is the most preferred natural oil injection method. One of the problems that may arise in silicone applications is the use of non-medical silicone implants. In addition, some metabolisms reject external implant applications by reacting. At this stage, allergic reactions and infections occur.

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